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The Sacramento Chinese of indoChina Friendship Association (SCIFA) was formed to allow ethnic Chinese who came from Vietnam, Cambodia, or Laos to assemble in maintaining the cultures and languages of their homelands. These three countries collectively are called IndoChina. The Association's center offers a banquet hall with free vegetarian meals, an activity room where many can gather to chat or watch television or pray in the colorful temple dedicated to Guanyin, the Eastern goddess of Mercy. It also features a Chinese school where hundreds of students raised in America can learn Chinese and study the customs of their heritage. The center also serves as a base for fund-raising to help the needy, as well as donate funds to relief efforts from the Haiti earthquake to victims of September 11.
In order to sustain and continue to provide valuable human services and make our students productive and contributing citizens we need your support. Please contact SCIFA to learn how you can help us.
Promote the interest of ethnic Chinese from
Vietnam, Cambodia, or Laos in the United States, and all over the world. 
Since COVID-19 began, SCIFA has been distributing masks and food to the community almost every Friday since April 17, 2020.  SCIFA distributed foods to over 300 families during their last event on December 18, 2020, including ( ~5,000 lb of pork from Yosemite foods Inc.; turkeys and hams from Raley’s; Eggs, cans of condensed milk, and cans good from Vinh Phat Supermarket; and steam sweet rice from Volunteers.



Immediate Need

6117 Elder Creek, Sacramento, CA 95824

Sau Vong: 916-230-4488

Temple Phone: 916-882-6433




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